Contacts for any coffee tourism development interest

For inquiries of any nature regarding The  Tanna Island Coffee industry  please contact Mike Pole.
Phone: 00678 5582662

Mike is happy to put you in touch with the right people. Visits to Tanna Island, specific tours around the coffee areas and first hand viewing of the wonderful local lifestyle can be organised by Mike.

It is worth making contact to make your visit to Tanna Island a little bit special and personal as many visitors miss out on the uniqueness of Tanna Island.

If you wish to speak to the representatives of INIK Co-operative about their involvement with TCP or the coffee industry itself, you will find contact information for Sam, Rex or Napuat on the people’s page.

Similarly you will also find representatives that support our farmers by sales in  New Caledonia New Caledonia  Australia  Germany and Europe. Our coffee laso will have a presence in America within the next 12 months .. This means allot to the farmers.. and their families and their long term financial futures.