Investment in Tanna Island coffee beans / agricultural development

There are opportunities to invest into both Tourism and Agricultural enterprises on Tanna as funds are in short supply. It is ideal if you are familiar with investing and with the right help, one can develop an understanding relationship with the local people and their land. A strong, long term business relationship can also develop.

Vanuatu Investment Promotions Authority [VIPA] are the Government agency tasked with assisting investors to make their way through the processes required to complete any form of foriegn investment.

Vanuatu land is not to be owned freehold, but leasehold. Agricultural leases are most common for Native Vanuatu Citizens. The 75 year [white man's lease] is the normal vehicle to secure land for investment, with nominal lease fees to be paid throughout the life of the lease to the Kustom land owner. Normally if an agricultural lease is taken on, certain conditions of obligations [performance guidelines] need to be adhered to. A 75 year ‘white man’s lease’ normally has no such encumbrances, but if a Kustom land owner is to allow a lease to be placed onto his land he would expect this to result in work for his immediate family.How ever owning land is not entirely necessary IF you are the benefactor and the end user of the coffee beans.

There can be land disputes but with the right approach and timing, good land can be arranged for many purposes. Tanna Coffee Plantations  is happy to help other parties wishing to develop other coffee areas along side our infrastructure. There is plenty of opportunity to help with each other’s development, sales and marketing therefore aiding profitability and helping the local people with an income alongside their Kustom life.

Of course there are many situations where one can simply just help out. Many groups or individuals assist in such things as water supply systems, education, technical development of infrastructure and agricultural advancements, to name a few. The reward is not necessarily financial but in self satisfaction of making a difference to many people’s future lives. These people will make you very welcome and accept you as a part of their extended family. They tend to never forget a face or name even after many years have passed and one is warmly welcomed on a return visit years after a project is complete.

COFFEE in NEW ZEALAND has really come into a high profile presence these days and Investment into the coffee NZ industry can be through investment in your own boutique coffee plantation with a Joint Venture with selected landowners and chiefs.This is becoming a popular option with many chiefs asking for personal contact from willing investors on a village by village arrangement overseen by INIK C0-op

New Zealand does not produce any raw coffee  where as Australia has a coffee industry.

Similarily AUSTRALIA COFFEE  which has it’s own smaller tonnage of raw product could benefit as above by selective investment and of course Australia has beneficial tax breaks for those Australian companies investing in Developiong nations such as  Vanuatu.