Tanna Island Volcano

Tanna Island lies within the archipelago of Vanuatu  and the islands that make up Vanuatu are a direct result of Pacific Rim tectonic plate upheaval, hence the active Volcano  Mt Yasur and her two dormant sisters on Tanna Island. Over 80 islands make up Vanuatu and values and beliefs differ between each island with over 3 active volcano’s within Vanuatu  . Tanna Island lays on a similar latitude to Townsville and Fiji and is placed in the southern latitude of the Vanuatu Islands.

Tanna Island benefits from this tectonic pressure with  abundant water supply within the higher regions of the island supporting day to day life. With the Volcano Mt Yasur’s and it’s  highly fertile ash emissions, Tanna Island is a Garden of Eden for its local people.

Tanna Island, with its population of almost 21,000 people is one of the most populated islands in Vanuatu. This is due to the ability for the island to support heavy and continuous cropping. As in historical development of cultures, the more efficiently humans live, the more time they have for cultural interests.  This is where the strong Kustom values of large and lengthy inter village discussions to solve issues have evolved. The Tannese people are very strong on their views of life and once focused on an issue or project they will work very hard to make it successful.

Although the plateau of Tanna Island is only 3-400 meters above sea level the South East trades and cool nights allow the Coffee and other plants to bathe every night in warm moist conditions. These Coffee plants are therefore  similar to their high altitude counterparts, although being further away from the equatorial influence balances the altitude difference and therfore rates this coffee as one of the best in the world.  Being so close to Australia and New Zealand (a two and a half to three hour flight), one may call this their ‘local coffee’.

Mostly subsistence farmers, the people live in harmony with the moods of their island.  These moods include cyclones, eruptions from Mt Yasur (shown below) and natural occurring El Nino climatic cycles as well as Kustom black magic. The Island has two distinct sides. On one side the Pacific Ocean, Capricorn trades and elevated topographical conditions cool the moist winds allowing for excellent sub-tropical conditions for growing crops including coffee. On the west side an air port and port and resorts taking advantage of greater dry sunny conditions.

There are many things to see while on Tanna Island and  many visitors tend to stay  for too shorter time.  Two nights / three days would be the least time one would need to fully experience Tanna. Some select guides can give you a wonderful insite into their island lifestyle. Contact:

                     Esso Karboom of Unique Tours          006785448751

Esso is  a chief of high standing, an educated man with a comfortable vehicle of which to see the island. He and his family will make you extremely welcome in his village. Esso’s land stretches down to the coast line with  stunning  views towards the volcano from the black sand wild beaches.It is well worth the call to Esso before you come to Tanna island to book or discuss your requirements.

Normal rate for the day is 20,000 to 25,000 vatu for your own private personalised tour.