The Coffee

Handpicked and processed by the small holder farmers and the coffee farmers Co-op INIK [ meaning Now], this Totally Organic coffee typifies the symbiotic relationship between a subsistence grower and the cash crop needs of these wonderfully Kustom people. The soils are volcanic ash, free draining and high in pot ash, thus allowing the coffee grown on Tanna Island to exhibit wonderful smooth, full bodied ,nutty chocolate flavours with no bitter after taste.

Tanna Island’s Coffee has two varieties successfully grown. The established historical coffee is Arusha, initially from Tanzania and the 1986 vintage onwards is the Dwarf Catimor which grows to five meters tall on Tanna due to the extreme fertility of volcanic soil rather than the 1.5 to 1.8 mtr typical to this particular cultivar.

In normal coffee regions, coffee is grown under shade but because of Tanna’s MtYasur active volcano habit and its creation of regular cloud formations, and that this occurance covers the coffee growing plateau of Middle bush, the coffee  trees are grown happily without shade trees.

Beyond Organic is how one would describe any product grown on Tanna Island. Ferilizers and sprays are not used and the island farmers accept that nature has her way and like their life in general they have to live with what Mother Nature allows them to do. Mother Nature provides regular top ups of fertilizer with Ash showers 3 to 5 times a year ensuring a truly Beyond Organic product. This natural occurrence also allows the coffee plant to have the heavy evening dews typical of high altitude top quality coffees from around the world but not needing the altitude to create this event.

Tanna Island’s Coffee slots in well with the Tannesse farmers stable crops as one of the initatives by Tanna Coffee Plantations and INIK Co-op was to change the recommended spacing between rows to 3 metres apart thereby allowing greater intercropping and full acceptance that a farmer could survive on his land And make money off the same piece of ground

Certainly the international interest for DGB sales is wide but being such a small producer only boutique amounts are available for sale.