Flavour and Bean Characteristics

Below is an extract from a non-biased report undertaken by Kraft Foods.

Providing that sensorial data and information was discussed and obtained from the tasting sessions held a Tanna Island Coffee manufacturing site, the following sensorial descriptions can be taken as examples to individually define the various Tanna Island Coffee products.

Dark Roast

  • 100% Pure Arabica Coffee
  • A strong coffee to start the day or finish a pleasant meal
  • Balanced toasted flavour, with woody and earthy notes

Medium Roast

  • 100% Pure Arabica Coffee
  • Nutty aroma & bold flavour with a non-bitter aftertaste
  • Fruity/floral/chocolate
  • Medium acidity, very desirable in quality coffee

Light Roast

  • 100% Pure Arabica Coffee
  • High acidity, very desirable in quality coffee
  • Cereal/malty
  • Citrus

Tanna Island Coffee appreciates that the above is simply a guide taken as a result of tasting one roasters particular product, however hopes it can give some small insight to what other roasters can expect.

It is very interesting to talk to different roasters from New Caledonia New Zealand Australia and America in how they see the roasting ..and perhaps the adding of a small amount of another coffee bean to make the suitable charastiistics required by their local consumers. This is something we as FarmersĀ  have little knowledge about… but accept …..we just do our best to provide the world market with a compariable raw product that these roasters can take confidence in that each sack is looked after as best as possible.

All our clients readily acknowledge now that.. even though initially they were a little worried about our raw bean quality presentation coming from a pacific Island being Vanuatu Coffee …Each one has been extremely pleased with our DGB and its presentation , and readily comment this is some of the best bean they have seen for size and colour.This of course transfers into a creditable flavour transferal and this in turn motivates our farmers to try even harder to producer an even more superior product